The Waterfall Center – ideal starting point for your outing

The waterfall center located right by the bus stop and just a little below parking lots P4 and P5, is the ideal starting point for your outing to the to the Krimml Worlds of Water and the Krimml Waterfalls!  Because in the Waterfall Center you’ll get the low-priced Combi-ticket which allows you entry not only to all attractions of the Krimml Worlds of Water, but also to the waterfalls. Furthermore, the parking fee for parking lot P4 and parking lot P5 (P5 passenger cars only) is included in the combi-ticket price. Also ideal, because these two parking lots are the nearest to the waterfalls. Thus there is nothing in the way of your thrilling water adventure anymore!  

There is plenty to discover in the Waterfall Centre

Family stands in the aquascenarium | ©


Krimml Worlds of Water, scenic terrace with waterfall view | © Huber

Scenic terrace

Family eating Kaiserschmarrn in the Krimml Worlds of Water bistro | ©


The Aquaszenarium – Interactive multimedia experience

Have you always wanted to feel like a fish in water? Then the Aquaszenarium is the right place for you! Because with this projection show unique to Austria, which involves you interactively, you can experience the Krimmler Ache up close – without wetsuit or diving equipment and without getting wet! Thanks to state-of-the-art technology you can design your own personal waterworld: Your journey starts in the meadow landscape of the upper waterfall of the Krimmler Ache, where you get to play with projections of butterflies, grasses and fish. Shortly after, you’ll seemingly stand at the heart of the waterfall. Then things get exciting: You’ll be “shrunk” to the size of a microbe and get to experience the underwater world from a completely new perspective. Then, much too soon, you’ll be told to “resurface” and it’s back to the starting point of your journey.

The water journey begins!


Before the Krimmler Ache plunges down 380 m it flows through a meadow landscape. The water silently gurgles and rushes along. Butterflies, grasses and fish are your companions at this stage of the journey, with which you can play interactively. The water of the river comes from numerous glaciers. Depending on the time of day and year its flow is either more or less strong. 

View to the Krimml Waterfall | ©

The treasure in the waterfall


Now the water has already made its way over the precipice and is heading for the valley. You are seemingly standing right in the heart of the waterfall snatching at treasures! The real treasure, however, can be found all around: Fresh mountain water that refreshes not only people, animals and plants, but also ensures health. A stop at the Krimml Waterfalls boosts your immune system! 

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Krimml Waterfall | ©

From human to microbe


If the third stage of your water journey makes you feel really small, then that’s a good thing. As a microbe you’ll experience the waterfall from a completely new perspective. All of a sudden what was once not even visible is now very important. Look forward to new insights in a world as yet unknown! 

Family plays in the aquascenarium | ©

Back to the surface


All of a sudden, everything happens at lightning speed: The last stage of the journey will take you back to the surface and to the start of your adventure. Don’t worry: You are back to your normal size once more. What remains are unique impressions, new perspectives and a new sense of appreciation for our elixir of life, water. 

Krimml Worlds of Water, children in the aquascenarium | © Huber

Observation deck – with waterfall views & 3D-telescopes

From our observation deck you have the opportunity to marvel at the massive, 380-metre-high Krimml Waterfalls, the fifth highest in the world, without hurry and to see them in their full glory. The ultramodern observation telescopes with 3-D projection provide you with a hitherto unknown optical delight with additional info: Did you know that every year 450,000 cubic metre of water plunge over the Krimml valley step? Or that the quantity of water that flows across the cataracts every second would be enough to supply 135,000 people with their daily requirement of 2.5 litres of water every minute? You’ve never seen the Krimml Waterfalls like this! 

The WaterWonderBar

Food, drinks & shop in the Waterfall Center

If your initial thirst for knowledge has been satisfied, it’s about time for some refreshments – and where better than in our WaterWonderBar! In the shop next door your also find numerous souvenirs and Pinzgau delicacies to take back home! 

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regional specialities!
View of the outdoor area of the Krimml Worlds of Water | ©

What’s next on the water-explorer programme?

An exciting visit to the House of Water? Or maybe a refreshing side trip to the Aquapark, which beckons to play and experiment with water? It’s entirely up to you! 

Water-Wow for woof!

Dogs are welcome guests in the Krimml Worlds of Water. We kindly ask you to put your four-legged friends on a leash. You can read all the information and tips for a trip with your dog here.