Krimml: The perfect e-mobile day-trip destination!

The Krimml Worlds of Water are also an ideal day-trip destination for all e-drivers! Because there’s nothing like gliding through the picturesque setting of Salzburger Land, silently and with zero emissions, while taking in the beautiful nature of Hohe Tauern National Park! And to stop and recharge the batteries where it’s the most beautiful – at the foot of the Krimml Waterfalls and at the Krimml Worlds of Water!

Cruising to Krimml with


Facilities for e-cars & e-bikes

The Krimml Worlds of Water offer great facilities and benefits for all e-drivers:  

Two charging stations with four charging points are located outside the fee-based parking lot of the Krimml Worlds of Water, right at the entry to the Krimml Waterfalls.

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At these two fast chargers with 12-22 kW, you can fill up on green, low-priced Glockner ePower without complications.  

All e-drivers driving on the Gerlos Alpine Road, which begins right next to the Krimml Worlds of Water, will find reduced rates for e-cars and e-bikes.

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And while your car is charging you can take your time to enjoy refreshing experiences at the Krimml Worlds of Water and the Krimml Waterfalls.

Glockner ePower charging prices

Our refuelling prices for the e-charging stations Krimml Worlds of Water:

  • normal charging station: 0.49 €/kWh
  • fast charging station: 0.59 €/kWh
    (credit or debit card, or several charging cards)
  • The maximum free parking time is 90 minutes for the fast charging station (120 kW) and 180 minutes for the normal charging station (22 kW). After that, € 0.10/min. charged as a standing fee

You can find our terms and conditions for the e-charging stations here!

Consistent charging safety at Austria's most beautiful excursion destinations The Glockner ePower charging points guarantee you continuous charging safety. You can find all charging points on our interactive map:

glockner e-power Charging stations
E-charging station with Tesla in front of the Ferleiten ticket office | ©

With GROHAG Glockner ePower to the mobility turnaround  

Sensible interaction with nature and thus pushing electro-mobility are central concerns of the Grossglockner Hochalpenstrassen AG (GROHAG), the company that operates the Krimml Worlds of Water, the Gerlos Alpine Road and other scenic roads in Austria. In 2022 the EU decided to ban passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with combustion engines by 2035. This focus on immobility must also go hand-in-hand with developing the charging infrastructure. It’s not least for this reason that the GROHAG is investing in developing the charging structure and its own clean and regional Glockner ePower together with regional partners at its attractions and scenic roads.

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Glockner ePower  

100 % sustainably produced electricity
100 % from the region
100 % best-price
0 % emission

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GROHAG: Pioneering role in e-Mobility

With the accelerated development of charging infrastructure, with up to 100% green electricity coming from renewable energy sources, the tourism options by the Grossglockner Pleasure E-Tour along the Grossglockner High Alpine Road and through Hohe Tauern National Park, but also with the establishment of a GROHAG-E-fleet and, of course, with reduced rates for e-cars and e-bikes, the GROHAG is taking on an absolutely pioneering role in matters of e-Mobility.