Refreshing wow moments for four-legged friends & humans

For all those who like being out and about in nature and the fresh air with their four-legged friends and who are in search of cooling off for their furry friend especially in summer, for them the Krimml Worlds of Water in combination with the Krimml Waterfalls are an ideal destination. Because naturally, four-legged friends are welcome guests in all of the Krimml Worlds of Water! 

View of the waterfall centre and the terrace | ©

At the dog bar your furry friend will feel just wonderful!

Krimml Worlds of Water Family in the Aquapark | © Stabentheiner

Four tips for four paws 

Keep in mind that travelling with a dog always requires special preparation for both animal and human. Maybe your furry friend – just like you, too – needs some special (hiking-)equipment:   

Ample water

Remember to pack your own water supply and a drinking bowl in your backpack for your four-legged friend. Even if in the Worlds of Water and at the Krimml Waterfalls you come past water sources time and again ... 

Shade & breaks

When staying in the sun for extended periods, don’t forget to put in a break in the shade every now and then – that does both human and animal good!

Scoop up the poop

As everywhere, this also applies to the Krimml Worlds of Water: Please clean up after your dog if it does its business on the grounds or in the forest and on meadows. Thank you!

Leash mandatory

Dog lovers know: In open country, dogs must be kept on a leash. Especially in the mountains, encounters with grazing animals such as cows, horses, sheep or goats, but also with wildlife, frequently happen. To make sure these do not feel threatened in their habitat, leashes are mandatory all throughout Hohe Tauern National Park! Our tip: A harness and a long leash allow both dog and master room to move.