Everything about the element of water

The House of Water is located right opposite the Waterfall Center, where you can buy the combi-ticket for all attractions of the Krimml Worlds of Water and for the Krimml Waterfalls! The exhibition in the House of Water is primarily about water-knowledge: Here you’ll learn everything about the wet element that plants, animals and people need equally for life. But how many litres of water do humans need per day? What effect does global warming have on water resources? How many litres of water does a Central European use per day and how many cubic metres of water plunge down the Krimml Waterfalls every day? Numbers, data and facts illustrate just how important water is for all living beings on our planet Earth. 

The exhibition “Faces of Water”

In the House of Water the interactive exhibition titled “Faces of Water” takes visitor on a journey into the wet element in all its facets: The starting point of the journey is in the tiny little H2O-molecule. It shows the journey of water as mist and fog – as “breath of water” – as drops and snow crystals – as “jewels of heaven” – then as liquid gold in streams and seas all the way to its captivity in the eternal ice of Antarctica. This fantastic “travel diary of water” and impressive installations aim to raise awareness for the significance of water as an elixir of life. 

(Video in German)

“Hohe Tauern Health”

Health initiative for those suffering from allergies & asthma

In the House of Water you can also learn everything about the topic ”Hohe Tauern Health”. It has been known for some time that repeated sessions in the spray mist of the Krimml Waterfalls can ease the afflictions of those suffering from allergies and asthma, or even heal them. Why? Because the fine spray mist of negatively charged water fragments – so-called nanoaerosols – makes its way deep into the airways where it can unfold its cleansing and immunity-boosting effect. The Krimml Waterfalls are recognised as a natural healing power: The effect of a waterfall therapy lasts for up to four months!  Tip: The initiative “Hohe Tauern Health” offers several health-packages. 

More about Hohe Tauern Health
Girl looks through telescope and father explains something to her | © krimmler-wasserwelten.at/Stabentheiner

Best views of the Krimml Waterfalls 

The site of the mighty masses of water plunging down from 380 metres up is absolutely impressive. It is definitely worthwhile taking your time to observe the cascades in more detail. The Swarovski-telescopes in the House of Water offer the perfect opportunity to do this! Because from the top floor you’ll enjoy unparalleled views of Europe’s largest waterfalls and their surroundings. 

Did you know that the Krimml Waterfalls have “tides”? Depending on the time of day and year, the water quantity changes in specific rhythms. The daytime warming of the glaciers in the catchment area of Krimmler Ache River, the snowmelt in spring or the first night frost, have an impact on these special day and night rhythms! And so sometimes more, sometimes less water plunges down ...