March the water and have fun! Water is an elixir of life, mighty powerhouse, can work miracles, ensures growth and cooling down. And in the Krimml Worlds of Water the cool waters also make for plenty of fun! Because in the outdoor area of the Krimml Worlds of Water numerous fun water-play and interactive stations are waiting to be discovered and explored by young and old. And what is cooler on a hot summer’s day than a quick refreshment with some cooling water! So: On your marks, get set, water go – and we’re off!

Aquamax: Great fun with the power of water

The Aquamax is a particularly jolly fellow, especially popular with young visitors. From a console little water-conductors can control in which direction the futuristic-seeming pond inhabitant should splash. But the soaky chap sometimes disobeys the commands of the remote control. And then unexpectedly splashes right into the audience! Great fun! 

Mum plays aqua table football with a girl | ©

Aqua-table football and water garland that can be set in motion: Pure water fun  

Who’s got the edge when playing the water-splashing game Aqua-table football? Who is the best marksman and who will get an extra soaking? The water garland that can be set in motion also leaves no explorer cold. In the Aquapark you can try things out, play and – yes, of course, – splash around to your heart’s content. 

Kneipp-facility in the Aquapark Krimml: Revives your spirits

Have you visited all attractions of the Krimml Worlds of Water? Then your feet have deserved a break! In the Kneipp-pool you can revitalise your feet while enjoying the refreshing experience of a Kneipp-treatment. Because walking in cold water activates the spirits, gets your circulation going and makes tired feet get a move on again! 

After so much fun in the water you have thoroughly deserved some refreshments in the WasserWunderBar Enjoy Pinzgau delicacies, coffee and cold beverages.