The interactive Multimedia Guide for your Krimml-trip

 The free Multimedia Guide Krimml Waters is the ideal companion for your outing into the waterfall and national park municipality of Krimml! Because this guide will take you to very special places and with it you’ll experience the element of water up close: be it at the waterfall trail right by the Krimml Waterfalls, be it in the Krimml Worlds of Water with interactive water installations, or in the municipality of Krimml itself. At 14 stations in total, interesting and exciting stories and episodes from the surrounding area are told – and that always up-to-date and location-based.

Quickly & easily to the Multimedia Guide 

In order to set off on a journey of discovery with the Multimedia Guide Krimml Waters, all you need to do is download the Locandy app and install it on your smart phone. Simply select Krimml Waters with the search function.  
Simply download in the Play- or in the App-Store to your smart phone and start listening immediately. The duration is approx. 2 hrs.

Tip: After downloading, the Multimedia Guide Krimml Waters can also be used off-line. While you are out and about in the national park municipality of Krimml, it activates automatically at the right locations. Please unlock the automatic screen lock to enjoy this feature. When opening the app or the Multimedia Guide, you will be asked whether you want to deactivate the screen lock. 

Download at home & enjoy the anticipation 

For all those who can’t wait for their trip to the wonderful World of Water any more, we have good news: You can download the Multimedia Guide at home without any hurry to your smart phone – and embark on a virtual tour of the 14 stations comfortably from your couch. And enjoy the anticipation of Europe’s highest waterfalls and other refreshing experiences.    

Did you know? There are also free multimedia guides for the Grossglockner High Alpine Road and for Nockalm scenic road!