Discover digitally & interactively what there is to experience in the Krimml Worlds of Water  On our digital, interactive Worlds of Water map you can discover everything there is to see and experience in the Krimml Worlds of Water, at the Krimml Waterfalls and in the surrounding area. Where to eat and drink, where to see which exhibitions and where to discover the most beautiful experiences. 

There is plenty to discover in the Krimml Worlds of Waer at the foot of the Krimml Waterfalls. But first of all, the motto is: Arrive and find your way! That's why you will find all the car parks for cars and coaches on our interactive map. You can also see which car parks have e-charging stations or sanitary facilities. Of course, you will also find all restaurants & cafés as well as inns and huts in the Krimml Worlds of Water as well as outside of it on the interactive Worlds of Water Map. Have fun with the digital and later with the real discovery and experience! 

Worlds of water map