General Terms and Conditions Effective as of 01.05.2024

1)    The water is not drinkable
Through the open watercourses of the various attractions, the water loses its drinking quality, the water is therefore not suitable for drinking.
2)    Admission tickets
All tickets entitle you to one visit only on the same day the ticket was issued.
3)    Online ticket and pre-sale ticket
Pre-sale tickets and online tickets and voucher have an expiry date. The period of validity can be seen on the ticket/voucher.
4)    Equipment, exhibits
Due to technical problems, some equipment or parts of an exhibition may be unusable. In such cases, no refund of the admission price or any part thereof shall be given.
5)    Safety
Visitors must act responsibly for their own safety and the safety of others at the individual stations.
6)    Parking
With the purchase of a valid ticket (excluding children’s tickets) for the Worlds of Water, the free use of parking lot P4 and P5 (above and opposite the Worlds of Water) is available on the same calendar day. The validation of tickets (the ticket that is issued at the entrance to the parking lot) is possible every day until 4:30 pm at the cash desk of the Worlds of Water. There are separate general terms and conditions for the parking spaces, which are posted directly at the respective parking area.

7)    Liability
Parents are responsible for their children. 
Visitors shall be fully responsible for wilful destruction in the Worlds of Water. We assume no liability for visitors’ possessions (clothing, valuables, etc.).
8)    Data storage
Parts of the Worlds of Water, and also parking lots P4 and P5, are monitored by video for security reasons (entrance and exit barriers, automatic payment machines, entrance and exit turnstiles). The surveillance images are stored for a duration of 72 hours. In the event of legal violations, the data will be stored until (judicial) clarification has been effected through legal channels. We indicate that we are offering a panoramic webcam between the Krimml Worlds of Water and the parking lot P4 which takes constantly pictures for weather and nature documentation. The current picture is published on the website. Further information can be found in our privacy policy.
9)    Jurisdiction
The court with local jurisdiction over the subject matter in 5020 Salzburg is responsible. Only Austrian law applies, excluding choice of laws rules of private international law